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Story of DOZO

Dozo is the brainchild of an experienced restaurateur in London. First established in South Kensington in 2011, and has been serving premium-quality, contemporary, fine Japanese cuisine ever since.

 Situated on Old Brompton Road, in the heart of a populated upper-middle-class neighbourhood, the cornerstone of Dozo is simply to create a modern and cosy environment that is well suited for the enjoyment of our selection of fresh sashimi served at the corner, or a choice of maki rolls accompanied by exquisite sake and wine. Our second branch at Soho was opened in 2013.

Our mission is to bring the spirit of Japan to your dining table in the ultimate, authentic dining experience with a stylish and modern twist.

We pride ourselves on combining traditional ingredients and innovative techniques, to create a marriage of authenticity and adventure for your taste buds.