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  • Plum Wine

    • Ryo Junmi Ginjo

      12.5 (300ML)

      A well balanced, smooth, dry sake with a rich flavor and green herbal notes

    • Cloudy - Kikusui Perfect Snow

      16.5 (300ML)

      Coming from a flower, full body, sweet, rich taste. yet crisp and dynamic with a surprisingly chewy rice element

    • Taru

      17.5 (300ML)

      Cedar wood notes on the nose. Fresh parsley mingles on the palate with kick of fennel seeds in creamy texture. Big Umami finish with a touch of sweetness of Banana.

    • Kubota Senju

      22.5 (300ML)

      Mix of dried fruits and banana yogurt on the nose. Relatively light and dry sake with dried pineapple, coconut and kick of coffee beans.

    • Kameman Red Rice

      25.5 (300ML)

      This special sake is made from red rice. Fruity and mild acidity remind of wine. A very food friendly sake

    • Kobe Classic

      29.5 (300ML)

      Kobe is not only famous for the Kobe beef, but also the sake! Spicy aromas and mild but complex flavors pair excellently with tempura, sushi and meat dished. One of our favorites

    • Ninki Barrel

      35 (300ML)

      The small barrel contains fine premium sake. The brewery is located in Fukushima perfecture in a region that has lots of snow in winter and produce a vey clear and clean sake

    • Shirakabegura Kimoto Junmai

      4.5 (50ML) / 38 (640ML)

      Banana on the nose. Creamy texture with a pleasant acidity of yogurt. Rich, soft and rounded on the palate with a hint of melon. Silky and smooth finish followed by Umami.

    • Kubota Manju

      95 (720ML)

      Sophisticated nose of pear and candy sugar. Vanilla and rose petal palate followed by a clean finish.